Amitha Omonuwa Believes in Both His Patients and His Community

January 17, 2019
His wide range of experience in multiple disciplines has served to transform Amitha Omonuwa into a highly skilled and very technical medical professional. He also takes pride in the fact that he is quite well-rounded and compassionate. Over his more than eight years working as a physician’s assistant, in addition to a high level of skill, he has also learned to be he has learned to be patient and calm, even as he has become extremely detail oriented.

Amitha Omonuwa

All of these traits make Amitha Omonuwa very good at helping patients through even the most medically stressful circumstances. Currently, he treats patients as a certified physician’s assistant, primarily in vascular and endovascular surgery. In fact, among other things, Amitha has a history of helping patients improve their lives through the proper treatment and management of numerous vein disorders. Those can include vexing conditions like spider veins and varicose veins. He currently practices his profession with Lee Physicians Group, at their offices in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida.